beautiful flaws

I am so flawed as an artist. My songs are imperfectly performed. My wispy voice is sometimes shaky about pitch.

My recordings are a set of first-takes, a thoroughly homemade affair. Nothing feels mastered. Listen closely, and you might hear barn swallows, the sound of wood scraping on a floor, probably a chair.

beautiful flaw

I don’t have many true fans. Is it because everyone else hears my flaws? I could deceive myself into thinking that. Or, that it’s because I don’t fall neatly into a category of music … I’m not exactly country, or folk, or anything else.

But categories don’t matter. Most important work is done by people who don’t easily fit in. No great piece of art is flawless. And no great artist is universally liked or understood.

I’m happy to have a few true fans who don’t hear first-takes, but jewels, and who can’t wait to hear what I make up next.

Who are tuned in to me, flaws and all.




5 thoughts on “beautiful flaws

  1. I listened to the Jewels out here in the middle of no where … in the Pacific Ocean. I had just made some breakfast of sourdough, scramble eggs and cheese and drizzled olive oil into them while they cooked. I had some Kalamata olives which I added to the plate. I sat down and listened to “The Spur”, “The Last Holdout”, and all the rest … I am listening again as I comment here … I’ve not heard a single flaw ❤ … I hear you … and you are beautiful … Do not change a thing … find the notes and blend the words and your soul's desires … here Her voice and let her sing ❤ I am in awe of this gift to me this morning ❤


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