a little faith

Some days I’m certain those who don’t have faith know one thing more than me. Most days, one thing less.

Faith is the way to get where you’re going as an artist. Without faith, the leap to greater art never works.

I don’t pretend to know how a new song comes into my life out of nowhere. I don’t want to know. I have complete faith that the song will come.

Because when I do, another one comes, and then another. Sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.

acts of faith

4 thoughts on “a little faith

  1. The horses make my breath catch in my throat and your music is beautiful.

    Most artists are not good with business. We don’t have a solid grip on numbers and contracts and we trust people we shouldn’t trust They will “take care of us,” but mostly they take care of themselves. Now that more and more of the business part of art has landed on the artist, we make such awful contracts, working with people with whom we have no sympathy. A lost generation of artists.


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