There’s so little that I want to do in this life, other than what I do.

If I didn’t have singing and songwriting, I’d probably never leave my town. I’m creatively restless but I’m content in every other regard.

I would still have had a little following, still had faith … and hope, and love (and my share of scars). I would still have trusted my unknown future to God.

I would have surfed more, maybe.

I would have lived quietly … much like me, with less deep contentment.

Maybe it’s possible to live without making up songs. But to die without it … how painful I would find it.


4 thoughts on “restless

  1. It’s like making prints and writing poetry…it gives me both happiness and a sense of accomplishment . I’m not just taking up space. I’m essentially beautifying the space around me.Writing music to me is the same thing. It adds to the world around us.


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