how to tune a guitar

You go for a drive with the top down and let the guitar sit in the passenger seat.

Make the first left, that way your destination is farther and the road to it prettier, the blossoms absurdly violet. Lose your location.

Fiddle with the radio dial. Brush past the popular music stations to the one of choice. Pause there just to adore someone’s croon.

“She was 21 when I left Galveston …” Begin thinking softly to yourself about the sadness heard deep inside the radio.

Now pick up the guitar and press your side close to hers. Begin tuning. The notes the open strings make, from the thickest to thinnest, are as follows:

E – the lowest string. The hollow Echo of a voice which speaks in an empty room.

A – she whispers sea “Anemones,” but my heart does not look up.

D – the 4th string. Dragonfly and water lily.

G – Sound becomes flesh for God to enter.

B – the Buzz and babble of billions of white bees in succulent afternoon.

E – the highest string, Exhaling verses blown back in air.

Gathering your fingers around her, reach inside her wires and steal away her heart. At last, you are playing.


8 thoughts on “how to tune a guitar

  1. I have learned that writing songs has to be primarily for me and how they make me feel. If I am lucky enough to get someone else to appreciate them that is the icing on the cake. Nothing better than coming up with a good tune!


      1. At first I thought you were really going to teach how to tune a guitar! I was pleasantly surprised at your beautiful words. My guitar has been sitting in its case, in the closet, for a few years. So it was a bit of motivation too to get it out and reawaken her musical voice.


      2. How sweet of you. I’m glad! I visited and watched some of your remarkable, meditative video … thank you for building a new sanctuary where I can rest and reflect … I look forward to much more, pilgrim soul. – Tony

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  2. Life can get hectic or stressful sometimes. I’m glad you found a quiet moment in my sanctuary! Pilgrim soul. I like that. I hope to post many more and look forward to more from you as well.

    Besides… you post so many horses. Love the horses!


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