When I go on tour, I meet a lot of interesting people. After a show near Woodstock this week, a sweet man calling himself Star Blanket handed me a mysterious bag whose contents, he said, would make me … bulletproof.bulletproof

I opened it and looked inside it, and it was white willow bark, a cage necklace, and a dark blue, patterned linen handkerchief containing a pinch of black pepper.

It made me realize that I will never fully understand the millions of bizarre ways that music brings people together.

Bulletproof … sometimes I wish I could be. Being a singer-songwriter leaves you wide open. Not bulletproof at all, in fact.

I’m amazed how critics in particular affect me. The good reviews make me feel heard, understood, even loved. The bad ones make me feel sad, misunderstood and rejected.

(I suppose a bad one is better than being ignored, right?)

Everyone says you have to have pretty thick skin to stand doing the work I do, but artists don’t have a thick skin. What good is an artist who’s bulletproof?


8 thoughts on “bulletproof

  1. Thought provoking. The idea of being wide open versus bulletproof. Wide open is vulnerable. It’s what it takes to open up to the world and share your gifts. And being wide open means your Art is authentic and genuine. Right out of your soul to paper and song. Is there a way to be vulnerable and bulletproof at the same time? Hmmm 🤔

    Wide open yet protected


  2. The only way I have ever found successfully to walk with one foot in each of those worlds is to keep my karma sterling. Then I can remain vulnerable and receive angelic protection — which believe me has saved my b’acon more times than I can count!


  3. Love everything about this. What sweet gifts! The one You received and this post You offer. I feel the same way for the same reasons. Great summation. Yup. You nailed it. Thank You, Cheers and Rock On!!! 💖


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