not today

There’s a wall in my apartment that could use a fresh coat of paint. I didn’t paint the wall today.

I didn’t do 50 pushups. Partially, because I can’t. I can do 20. I didn’t do those either.

10 days ago I ordered a gong from Nepal. It arrived, and it’s beautiful. I didn’t get around to hanging it on the wall today.

I didn’t see any patients, sell futures, or consult with clients. There are plenty of other things I didn’t do today and I won’t do tomorrow. (Not probably. I know I won’t.)

I wrote a song today.

If you think you want to do something like that – write a poem, or paint a canvas, or dance – but you can’t find time to do it, then it’s just an idea you want to have of yourself as a person who does that thing, but you’ve found other things to do that are more important to you.

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